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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Oh no its Thursday!

Thursday is my least fav day of the week. Both kids go to gym club, so I pick one up from school and go straight there. Were there for 2 hours because they have an hour each but one does 4-5 and the other 5-6pm. Keeping the boy out of mischeif is the usual stress. The last few weeks I have been taking sewing. At least that way I can avod talking to people I dont want to!

I have also just completed my first 'commission', had to recover a huge dogs bed, not very exciting but actually turned out very well, I think.  Wasnt sure when I gave it back if they were pleased or horrified! So instead of payment, this time at least, I just charged a good bottle of wine. Altho, took me several hours of unpicking, repairing and double sewing so the dog cant destroy it. Trust me, forgot to take a picture!  My daugters birthday tomorrow and we are taking her to her fav swimming place, its an hour away so always feels like a treat.  Im also having to quickly make a swim bag for son as made one for my daughter and not him! So, better get my rear in gear and get sewing.  Love Zoe

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  1. Oh, don't undersell yourself, a good bottle of wine for several hours work doesn't sounds like they got a very good deal!