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Monday, 30 January 2012

todays make

I have just finished these gorgeous cushions.  Really love them and def my best yet. Im thinking of selling them and can make more. Makes me nervous, what if they dont sell? What if no one likes them? What if they do sell and then the buyer isnt happy?

Anyway,  I brought the fabric 2 days ago and am also making a tote bag as well. My aim is to recoup the cost of the fabric and Im going to let my facebook friends on The Sewing Crofts group page tell me what they are willing to pay.  Mondays I usually always have a good tidy up after the weekend, but today all I have done is sew. The sewing croft is looking mighty messy these days, do me the world of good, im always sooooo  obsessed with tidying! I did however do the shopping and I brougt myself an indulgent treat - a pot noodle!! I love them but tend to not have much processed food in the house, im an everything from scratch cook, and rather good at it, altho again, sewing has taken over! Anyhow, im off for my processed food treat, if you do read this. Leave a comment, would love to hear from people, Zoe x


  1. Your cushions look great Zoe, I am sure they will sell.

    1. Thank you so much, really appreciated feedback. Fingers crossed x