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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A business woman

Im a business woman! Not making any money as such, but hey, im getting there.  Ive opened a new ebay account for the Sewing Croft and listed my items on there.  I am also mastering zips, not as difficult as I first thought and made this little bag

Im rather pleased that a good friend of mine, who is also a crafter - would like it so its all hers. Def going to make some more, they are very useful.  Ive also just finished this heart and keyring package

The Shoe Lovers heart & keyring on Ebay NOW!

Really want to get back to some other making rather than just hearts, but with  mothers day looming im hoping people will want my gifts.

Fingers crossed

Love Zoe x

Monday, 27 February 2012

A Website :-)

I have a website! Blow me down this sewing thing has really got out of control

Love Zoe x

Sunshine, Sickness and Hangovers!

Its been a week since I last blogged and I have been so conscious about it.  I have been very busy with facebook.  I have been 'hiking' my likes.  Up until a week ago I had absolutely no idea what that was and im still trying to get to grips but whatever im doing must be ok as I now have 147 likes - woooooo! ;-)

Had a really good weekend, friends for dinner on saturday night, childless friends - soooo nice! I do love my parent friends but the problem with that is a house full of kids at 9 oclock at night, not always ideal. My friend thought it hilarious that to this day, I still am not exactly sure what time to pick up my daughter from school, I know its between 3.15 and 3.20 so I aim for 3.15 and cant go wrong, she thinks im the most scatty mum ever.  The night was full of much needed merriment....I then spent the whole of sunday with a rather awful hangover.  The weather in Wiltshire this weekend has been lush.  The children have played their hearts out in the garden, getting covered in mud, climbing the trees and shouting and screeching as much as possible.  Luckily, we dont really have any neighbours so they are very LOUD children! Rather useful not being overheard tho, I can shout as loud as I want too ;-)    Oh, just remembered, Sunday morning, up at 7am, stonking hangover, husband up at 9am (my choice to get up) within half an hour he was sick all over the passageway floor and had to be ushered off with a migraine.  Now, for those who dont know me, I really CAN NOT under ANY circumstances, 'do' sick.  I cleaned it up, after heaving so much the children thought I was ill, I cried, made the most peculiar noises to stop myself from heaving, something akin to child birth, not to mention what the wretching was doing to my bladder.  Anyway, I survived, the kids are in doubt how I feel about sickness and husband was fine by the afternoon. Today, is the usual housework day, which I skipped and sewed a new heart keyring and then  networking my FB page.  Come Dine with Me is now starting so time for me to be off. Lots a love, Zoe

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A long day sewing!

I have been waiting for today for 2 weeks! Son was at nursery until half 3 so I had 6 hours - bliss! By 9 oclock this morning I was already feeling shattered with him.  Boisterous is just not the word! For instance... I am ashamed to admit that we were evicted from a childs soft play centre last weekend, I mean really! A childs soft play centre? Darling son was on a hitting frenzy of every boy he could try and get the attention off! He was play fighting, it just didnt occur to him they A, thought he was a baby B, was busy playing with their friends and C, didnt like being hit, no matter how playful.  The manager said very politely we should call it a day, mind you, we had been there over 3 hours.

Anyway!  Did all the usual boring household stuff yesterday so today was a solid sewing day.  I finished off the ipad case a friend asked me to do, then packaged and even could peel off a stamp from another envelope - thrifty ay? Promptly forgot to take a pic of the completed item, Sugar Honey Ice Tea!!! Altho not perfect, I was so pleased with the finished result, could kick myself. Def going to make up some more with a view to adding to the crofts stock.  Anyway, im sure she will send some pics when its received, I even handsewed her name into the inside front band, and used velcro - woooooo! lol 

Anyway, I then completed a childs high chair seat recover, was an interesting project as had ties to the sides and bottom and was a seat and back piece so shapes were odd, managed to do ok, have to wait and see what the 'customer' thinks (who is actually is a friend of a friend).  Just finished some fabric letters to hang on the wall as well.  Have had a few messages via facebook for the hanging hearts, which im pleased about. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

mothers day!

Went over to my mum today and showed her the hearts id just finished, she was impressed! No mean feat for my mother, she is a very veeeery good seamstress and my grandfather a Tailor. ANYWAY! She cam up with making up some items for mothers day. So, im off on a sewing marathon again. Took some much better pics of the hearts, opinions would be appreciated.

Monday, 13 February 2012

just finished and its half 12 at night!

Well, this sewing lark is completely and totally rediculous! Its half 12 at night and I have stayed up sewing! I started a project at 5 oclock and just completed, I couldnt put it down, bit like a good book. This is def def going to be sold, the whole thing is handsewn, and Im really very pleased with the stitching, I have then used copper wire to secure together with small beads inbetween the hearts, ive strung clear beads for the loop at the top.  I love this material, its a real kitchen heart, reminds me of my own actually.... Im off to bed soooo tired, but was so excited and pleased with this wanted to blog it to all the hundreds reading it :-)

cats, ipad cases and kids!

Hey all, have been sooo busy the last few days.  My facebook page has started to take off and have had some great project suggestions from it.   The entire weekend has been taken up with friends and their children and has been just the nicest weekend we have had in ages, and for the fkrst time we had people for dinner and I didnt cook from scratch!   Now its half term, and I must say not having to get up from the school run is just fantastic, I currently have kids running all over the croft, love it!
I have completed these projects.. an ipad case, a cat cushion, a drawstring bag and another dog bed recover! I love to handsew, I use templates to make things as perfect as possible, but my goodness, my fingers get sore!  I have lots of business ideas, ive been looking at Ebay and Etsy to see what sells, and some of my ideas are not being made by anyone, so desperate to get started and show you. in the meantime, these are the latest

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Not enough hours...

There really are not enough hours in the day, not for the enjoyable stuff anyway, there are far, far too many for the boring and dreary stuff!  My mind is spinning with ideas for projects and making money.  My addiction is turning into a business, which I am sooo excited about.  Have also sourced my own labels!!! now from reading this you will have no idea how truly exciting I am finding this idea, put it this way, my already weakened bladder can hardly contain itself.
My  husband is bringing home some fabrics from an indian dressmaker, lovely fabric, but very thin and slippery and todate, have no idea what to do with it.  Ive also sorted out a facebook page, my little cottage business is turning into something real!  So, go find The Sewing Croft on facebook.  Love Zoe

Monday, 6 February 2012


Been really busy on the sewing front the last few days. Finished Sams swim bag and we took the children swimming on Friday, they were so happy with their little bags.  I have to admit I hate swimming these days! I think 7 years of crawling around on my knees in luke warm water with other screaming and splashing children, has finally got too much! Why is it, that every time a child swims away they make the biggest splash? I hasten to add this is usually in the direction of my face.   I have splashing in face issues at the best of times. I finished this over the weekend too, love it.

Anyway, I brought a easy peasy childs dress pattern, like major simple, any idiot could do it..... cutting out was ok, no problems there, then it all went a bit 'south'.  Didnt realise had to cut the pattern on the fold, so redid that. Then came mention of fusable interface, whats the hell is that? Basically, the iron on wonderweb stuff, to stop the fabric from warping, I have since discovered. So, project has been left for the time being. Altho, I now know how to put in zips - woohoo! Oh and the other problem? Cut out pattern for a 7 year old and its sooooo short! I then flitted to some curtains a friend gave me and am much more impressed with the final results, cushions and a hanging decorative thingy. These def going to the sell pile. What do you think?

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Oh no its Thursday!

Thursday is my least fav day of the week. Both kids go to gym club, so I pick one up from school and go straight there. Were there for 2 hours because they have an hour each but one does 4-5 and the other 5-6pm. Keeping the boy out of mischeif is the usual stress. The last few weeks I have been taking sewing. At least that way I can avod talking to people I dont want to!

I have also just completed my first 'commission', had to recover a huge dogs bed, not very exciting but actually turned out very well, I think.  Wasnt sure when I gave it back if they were pleased or horrified! So instead of payment, this time at least, I just charged a good bottle of wine. Altho, took me several hours of unpicking, repairing and double sewing so the dog cant destroy it. Trust me, forgot to take a picture!  My daugters birthday tomorrow and we are taking her to her fav swimming place, its an hour away so always feels like a treat.  Im also having to quickly make a swim bag for son as made one for my daughter and not him! So, better get my rear in gear and get sewing.  Love Zoe