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Monday, 6 February 2012


Been really busy on the sewing front the last few days. Finished Sams swim bag and we took the children swimming on Friday, they were so happy with their little bags.  I have to admit I hate swimming these days! I think 7 years of crawling around on my knees in luke warm water with other screaming and splashing children, has finally got too much! Why is it, that every time a child swims away they make the biggest splash? I hasten to add this is usually in the direction of my face.   I have splashing in face issues at the best of times. I finished this over the weekend too, love it.

Anyway, I brought a easy peasy childs dress pattern, like major simple, any idiot could do it..... cutting out was ok, no problems there, then it all went a bit 'south'.  Didnt realise had to cut the pattern on the fold, so redid that. Then came mention of fusable interface, whats the hell is that? Basically, the iron on wonderweb stuff, to stop the fabric from warping, I have since discovered. So, project has been left for the time being. Altho, I now know how to put in zips - woohoo! Oh and the other problem? Cut out pattern for a 7 year old and its sooooo short! I then flitted to some curtains a friend gave me and am much more impressed with the final results, cushions and a hanging decorative thingy. These def going to the sell pile. What do you think?

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