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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A long day sewing!

I have been waiting for today for 2 weeks! Son was at nursery until half 3 so I had 6 hours - bliss! By 9 oclock this morning I was already feeling shattered with him.  Boisterous is just not the word! For instance... I am ashamed to admit that we were evicted from a childs soft play centre last weekend, I mean really! A childs soft play centre? Darling son was on a hitting frenzy of every boy he could try and get the attention off! He was play fighting, it just didnt occur to him they A, thought he was a baby B, was busy playing with their friends and C, didnt like being hit, no matter how playful.  The manager said very politely we should call it a day, mind you, we had been there over 3 hours.

Anyway!  Did all the usual boring household stuff yesterday so today was a solid sewing day.  I finished off the ipad case a friend asked me to do, then packaged and even could peel off a stamp from another envelope - thrifty ay? Promptly forgot to take a pic of the completed item, Sugar Honey Ice Tea!!! Altho not perfect, I was so pleased with the finished result, could kick myself. Def going to make up some more with a view to adding to the crofts stock.  Anyway, im sure she will send some pics when its received, I even handsewed her name into the inside front band, and used velcro - woooooo! lol 

Anyway, I then completed a childs high chair seat recover, was an interesting project as had ties to the sides and bottom and was a seat and back piece so shapes were odd, managed to do ok, have to wait and see what the 'customer' thinks (who is actually is a friend of a friend).  Just finished some fabric letters to hang on the wall as well.  Have had a few messages via facebook for the hanging hearts, which im pleased about. 

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