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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sneek Peak of Postcard Pillows

I am sooooo very pleased with my new range of postcard pillows.  They look stunning. I am going to list one each day for the next few days on both Etsy and Folksy, both of these shops will hold the range.  I have decided not to sell via my website, purely because its the same price anyway and it is one less place to have to update with prices.  I also find it very confusing getting sales from Etsy, Folksy, and facebook!  My brain has never recovered from 'nappy brain' syndrome and as I am rapidly approaching 'middle age' I dont see it getting any better.  I listed this today in both my shops, the stamp photograph is my own Grandad some 70 years ago.
I seem to get a lot of reader hits to this page, especially recently so I thought I would use it to showcase the entire range BEFORE it hits the shops.

Please do visit the shops as the range is listed.  They measure 10 x 8" come fully stuffed as closed cushions, decorative non washable. If you do order you MUST read my terms and conditions in shops or facebook page or website

Orders are expected to be high for these so make sure you get in whilst the time frames are low.

Hope you like, would love to hear comments.


Friday, 25 May 2012

Wild flowers, Jubilee Fever and Business Cards

Well, at long last, the British weather has sorted itself out, stopped trying to drown us and is now currently baking us :-)   Son and I went for a lovely walk along the lanes and we picked these gorgeous wild flowers

A couple of weeks ago I was asked for my business card, WOW I thought, im on my way, rushed home and got some ordered from, they were doing a special deal for Folksy sellers. I could choose up to 50 photographs for the front and any text plus logo for the back.  They are really very lovely, brilliant quality, lovely thick card. Sooo pleased.  Now, to figure out what on earth to do with them now?  If you reading this, do you have business cards? when do you distribute them? ect Leave a comment!                                

With the Jubilee coming on really soon now and the gorgeous weather it feels like the whole country is gearing up for the massive celebrations.  Its all very exicting!  This has really inspired me to make these two cushions.  Really enjoyed making them as well. Can be purchased from my Etsy or Folksy shops.
VW Campervan Union Jack British Sketch Applique pillow cushionBritish Red Telephone Box London Jubilee Bunting UK phone box

Both of these items were featured on which is a really lovely site and my goodness it has helped with internet traffic for the much needed sales! 
Just recently son has been a little curious about size, specifically, adults.  Yesterday, whilst in the barbers shop getting his haircut, he pointed directly at another mum, looked her straight in the eye, and said 'She is very big isnt she Mummy'?  Now, I thought this was bad enough, told him that was rude ect.  A little later, we went into a little toy shop, son picked up a rhino, said he wanted to buy it, took it to the counter, looked at the shop assistant and said 'your not as big as a rhino yet are you'?

On that note I shall blog off. 

p.s take a look at the poll im doing on craft magazines, be interested in your views.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Which would you choose???????

Is it May? are your sure? feels like March or April. I really DO NOT want it to be May because next month I am no longer a 'thirty something'.  Thats about all I have to say on the subject and I shall never return to it, End of!

However, next month is also when the June copy of Wiltshire Magazine and they are featuring (hopefully) 2 of my Best of British items.  So I thought it would be rather fun to see what you would choose, as a little competition, there will be a prize - ooooooh!!!   be interesting to compare.  So what do you think was chosen for the Magazine?
Slouch cushion
Ipad Case
Applique Framed
I cant wait to see what you think was chosen, when the Magazine comes out Ill post a link or picture and then choose one of you at random, if your a winner, Ill send you a Union Jack Keyring. For my lovely American cousins, I have an alternative keyring.


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dirty children are happy children

Dirty children are happy children.  Thats what my mother always says. Funny, very funny! Wasnt often dirty as a child, and my children are often so mud spattered that she comments on a regular basis.  My son seems to think that pjs and wellies are his day clothes these days and my 7 yr old daughter has taken to doing her own hair - oops!

Both my children attend a gym club, its very popular where I live, and very expensive.  This week, I totally lost my son there, looked up stairs and down, grabbed children to check the bathrooms, not anywhere.  Finally found him, outside, he was caked in muddy splatters from bare feet to knees.  'What on earth are you doing?' I demanded 'splashing mummy, its much more fun without my wellies'.  Not much could be said about that.  The look on the yummy mummys faces when I brought him back inside, and the look of yearning from their children = very very funny.

I also uploaded a photograph of my kitchen to Pinterest the other day, if your not sure what Pinterest is, its FAB. Like a massive mood board for all the stuff you love or want, to buy, to make, to look at - from all over the internet.

Rather vain of me really, but I do so love my kitchen, I sew for hours in that chair.

Then I noticed a mistake, can you spot it....

Clue: new (self build) extension above, lots of banging going on....

I sent off the commissioned cushions this week too, the customer was so delighted and left me the most amazing feedback! Ive put it on my website -,.  Im now working on another two commissions.  Also decided to list this in my Etsy shop, which I have yet to get my first sale from, very frustrating.

Have you heard of Mollie Makes? Absolutely brilliant craft magazine - if you love craft, unique items and general home chit chat then take a look, im addicted.  Have somehow managed to challenge a fellow twitter user to make the Mollie doll that has been featured, (full instructions too!) desperate to get started!

Ive got a new idea too for the embroidered message/photo transfer but hush hush, all will be revealed.


Monday, 7 May 2012

Faires, commissions and Magazines


Its been sooooo long since I last blogged. So much has happened too! 

As you may know or not, I have been on a rather major pr campaign.  Seems to be working, slowly! Altho im still not able to get that #SBS from Theo Phapitis on Twitter.  Anyway, I had contact from Wiltshire Magazine, which is a County magazine, they are going to hopefully show 2 of my 'Best of British' items, which you can find here Can you guess which 2????

At the same time, the online shopping site for homemade items featured my union jack keyring in their front page showcase.   So, its been really positive for The Sewing Croft. Ive also been learning all about google and place listings, adwords, the list is loooong. I cant for the life of me get my webpage to come up on search results, frustrating!!!!   

The lovely English weather has been very - English! Nothing but rain and more rain.  Actually it is unusual for the time of year here in the South of England.  Wellies and mud have become an all too regular feature in my house. 

My daughter had a friend for tea last week, a little girl she has known since nursery, they played fairies non stop, made a wonderful little kingdom outside the fairy door. Running in and out picking blossom and bluebells. They made little pictures introducing themselves to the fairies. Even placing some currents for a snack. Altho im still not sure how to remove the huge red paint stain left on my carpet after daughter dropped the container full of red paint!!! I ignored it for a few days, spent yesterday trying to clean it, got very bored indeed! and have gone back to ignoring it.    That evening at 11pm im on my hands and knees, rearranging the flowers, messing up the meeting area and hiding the gorgeous little pictures.  Eve was so delighted to have her
                                                     friend here, someone she has always been so fond of, very sweet!
Im trying not to mention my darling son, I wont mention that he poo'd behind a shed at daughters school (Horrified!!!!), apparently, he was busy, the school door was locked and there were bushes! I also wont mention that he told the teachers at his nursery that Mummy always says 'SH*T' when she pricks her finger on a needle - and thats ALOT!!!

I have been very busy with work. Photo transfer, applique and embroidery!  I have been fortunate to get a commission via my facebook page  customer has kindly allowed me to use the pic on my blog.  Beautiful bespoke childrens gift, with a goodnight message, so unique and individual, a very special gift, 18 hours work in total. Am so pleased with them, and no sooner were they finished that I got an email for two more bespoke embroidered cushions, they will be different to these so im looking forward to getting stuck in!

I also made this beautiful heart.  The heart is listed on Etsy and folksy  Really pleased with the picture quality too! direct links

Anyway, its late, im so tired, but I wont leave it so long next time!  Zoe