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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dirty children are happy children

Dirty children are happy children.  Thats what my mother always says. Funny, very funny! Wasnt often dirty as a child, and my children are often so mud spattered that she comments on a regular basis.  My son seems to think that pjs and wellies are his day clothes these days and my 7 yr old daughter has taken to doing her own hair - oops!

Both my children attend a gym club, its very popular where I live, and very expensive.  This week, I totally lost my son there, looked up stairs and down, grabbed children to check the bathrooms, not anywhere.  Finally found him, outside, he was caked in muddy splatters from bare feet to knees.  'What on earth are you doing?' I demanded 'splashing mummy, its much more fun without my wellies'.  Not much could be said about that.  The look on the yummy mummys faces when I brought him back inside, and the look of yearning from their children = very very funny.

I also uploaded a photograph of my kitchen to Pinterest the other day, if your not sure what Pinterest is, its FAB. Like a massive mood board for all the stuff you love or want, to buy, to make, to look at - from all over the internet.

Rather vain of me really, but I do so love my kitchen, I sew for hours in that chair.

Then I noticed a mistake, can you spot it....

Clue: new (self build) extension above, lots of banging going on....

I sent off the commissioned cushions this week too, the customer was so delighted and left me the most amazing feedback! Ive put it on my website -,.  Im now working on another two commissions.  Also decided to list this in my Etsy shop, which I have yet to get my first sale from, very frustrating.

Have you heard of Mollie Makes? Absolutely brilliant craft magazine - if you love craft, unique items and general home chit chat then take a look, im addicted.  Have somehow managed to challenge a fellow twitter user to make the Mollie doll that has been featured, (full instructions too!) desperate to get started!

Ive got a new idea too for the embroidered message/photo transfer but hush hush, all will be revealed.



  1. Absolutely love the photo of your kitchen, it looks so calming and gorgeous. We always seem to move towards the greens when redecorating - just love all greens. Is the mistake the ever-so-slightly wonky pictures? That happens here all the time, and we haven't got builders helping things along lol!

    1. no not the pictures, altho they always seem to be wonky....H O M E

  2. I'm sure home isn't spelt that way hon!!!

  3. Haha no place like hmoe :oDD

    Not suprised you wanted to show it off it's lovely.
    I also love Mollie Makes it's my favourite magazine/inspiration book.

    {Dab and a dash.}

    1. Got it in one! I was horrified when I noticed it!

  4. It took me a while to work it out! Very relaxing kitchen though, good crafting enviroment!

  5. Yes its the home sign! We have a self build extension above the kitchen and with all the banging about the husband is doing it fell off the wall, I hasten to add it was DH who put it back up :-)