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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Which would you choose???????

Is it May? are your sure? feels like March or April. I really DO NOT want it to be May because next month I am no longer a 'thirty something'.  Thats about all I have to say on the subject and I shall never return to it, End of!

However, next month is also when the June copy of Wiltshire Magazine and they are featuring (hopefully) 2 of my Best of British items.  So I thought it would be rather fun to see what you would choose, as a little competition, there will be a prize - ooooooh!!!   be interesting to compare.  So what do you think was chosen for the Magazine?
Slouch cushion
Ipad Case
Applique Framed
I cant wait to see what you think was chosen, when the Magazine comes out Ill post a link or picture and then choose one of you at random, if your a winner, Ill send you a Union Jack Keyring. For my lovely American cousins, I have an alternative keyring.



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    1. I messed up my first comment, let me get it right this time :)
      I would go for the keyring and the cushion, fingers crossed xx

  2. I like the pillow the best!

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