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Monday, 7 May 2012

Faires, commissions and Magazines


Its been sooooo long since I last blogged. So much has happened too! 

As you may know or not, I have been on a rather major pr campaign.  Seems to be working, slowly! Altho im still not able to get that #SBS from Theo Phapitis on Twitter.  Anyway, I had contact from Wiltshire Magazine, which is a County magazine, they are going to hopefully show 2 of my 'Best of British' items, which you can find here Can you guess which 2????

At the same time, the online shopping site for homemade items featured my union jack keyring in their front page showcase.   So, its been really positive for The Sewing Croft. Ive also been learning all about google and place listings, adwords, the list is loooong. I cant for the life of me get my webpage to come up on search results, frustrating!!!!   

The lovely English weather has been very - English! Nothing but rain and more rain.  Actually it is unusual for the time of year here in the South of England.  Wellies and mud have become an all too regular feature in my house. 

My daughter had a friend for tea last week, a little girl she has known since nursery, they played fairies non stop, made a wonderful little kingdom outside the fairy door. Running in and out picking blossom and bluebells. They made little pictures introducing themselves to the fairies. Even placing some currents for a snack. Altho im still not sure how to remove the huge red paint stain left on my carpet after daughter dropped the container full of red paint!!! I ignored it for a few days, spent yesterday trying to clean it, got very bored indeed! and have gone back to ignoring it.    That evening at 11pm im on my hands and knees, rearranging the flowers, messing up the meeting area and hiding the gorgeous little pictures.  Eve was so delighted to have her
                                                     friend here, someone she has always been so fond of, very sweet!
Im trying not to mention my darling son, I wont mention that he poo'd behind a shed at daughters school (Horrified!!!!), apparently, he was busy, the school door was locked and there were bushes! I also wont mention that he told the teachers at his nursery that Mummy always says 'SH*T' when she pricks her finger on a needle - and thats ALOT!!!

I have been very busy with work. Photo transfer, applique and embroidery!  I have been fortunate to get a commission via my facebook page  customer has kindly allowed me to use the pic on my blog.  Beautiful bespoke childrens gift, with a goodnight message, so unique and individual, a very special gift, 18 hours work in total. Am so pleased with them, and no sooner were they finished that I got an email for two more bespoke embroidered cushions, they will be different to these so im looking forward to getting stuck in!

I also made this beautiful heart.  The heart is listed on Etsy and folksy  Really pleased with the picture quality too! direct links

Anyway, its late, im so tired, but I wont leave it so long next time!  Zoe

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  1. Hi Zoe, Your hearts look really lovely. I like making hearts, but I always struggle a little bit to get the top bit quite right! You are obviously better than I am at it! - Suzy