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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sneek Peak of Postcard Pillows

I am sooooo very pleased with my new range of postcard pillows.  They look stunning. I am going to list one each day for the next few days on both Etsy and Folksy, both of these shops will hold the range.  I have decided not to sell via my website, purely because its the same price anyway and it is one less place to have to update with prices.  I also find it very confusing getting sales from Etsy, Folksy, and facebook!  My brain has never recovered from 'nappy brain' syndrome and as I am rapidly approaching 'middle age' I dont see it getting any better.  I listed this today in both my shops, the stamp photograph is my own Grandad some 70 years ago.
I seem to get a lot of reader hits to this page, especially recently so I thought I would use it to showcase the entire range BEFORE it hits the shops.

Please do visit the shops as the range is listed.  They measure 10 x 8" come fully stuffed as closed cushions, decorative non washable. If you do order you MUST read my terms and conditions in shops or facebook page or website

Orders are expected to be high for these so make sure you get in whilst the time frames are low.

Hope you like, would love to hear comments.



  1. Love your new designs, hope they sell well for you

  2. Oh I love these! They'd make such unique gifts. Good luck with the sales:)

  3. Thank you guys! Have to admit I do love them. I also had another idea but thats another story, in the meantime I have some wild children to write about. x