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Monday, 13 February 2012

cats, ipad cases and kids!

Hey all, have been sooo busy the last few days.  My facebook page has started to take off and have had some great project suggestions from it.   The entire weekend has been taken up with friends and their children and has been just the nicest weekend we have had in ages, and for the fkrst time we had people for dinner and I didnt cook from scratch!   Now its half term, and I must say not having to get up from the school run is just fantastic, I currently have kids running all over the croft, love it!
I have completed these projects.. an ipad case, a cat cushion, a drawstring bag and another dog bed recover! I love to handsew, I use templates to make things as perfect as possible, but my goodness, my fingers get sore!  I have lots of business ideas, ive been looking at Ebay and Etsy to see what sells, and some of my ideas are not being made by anyone, so desperate to get started and show you. in the meantime, these are the latest

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