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Monday, 27 February 2012

Sunshine, Sickness and Hangovers!

Its been a week since I last blogged and I have been so conscious about it.  I have been very busy with facebook.  I have been 'hiking' my likes.  Up until a week ago I had absolutely no idea what that was and im still trying to get to grips but whatever im doing must be ok as I now have 147 likes - woooooo! ;-)

Had a really good weekend, friends for dinner on saturday night, childless friends - soooo nice! I do love my parent friends but the problem with that is a house full of kids at 9 oclock at night, not always ideal. My friend thought it hilarious that to this day, I still am not exactly sure what time to pick up my daughter from school, I know its between 3.15 and 3.20 so I aim for 3.15 and cant go wrong, she thinks im the most scatty mum ever.  The night was full of much needed merriment....I then spent the whole of sunday with a rather awful hangover.  The weather in Wiltshire this weekend has been lush.  The children have played their hearts out in the garden, getting covered in mud, climbing the trees and shouting and screeching as much as possible.  Luckily, we dont really have any neighbours so they are very LOUD children! Rather useful not being overheard tho, I can shout as loud as I want too ;-)    Oh, just remembered, Sunday morning, up at 7am, stonking hangover, husband up at 9am (my choice to get up) within half an hour he was sick all over the passageway floor and had to be ushered off with a migraine.  Now, for those who dont know me, I really CAN NOT under ANY circumstances, 'do' sick.  I cleaned it up, after heaving so much the children thought I was ill, I cried, made the most peculiar noises to stop myself from heaving, something akin to child birth, not to mention what the wretching was doing to my bladder.  Anyway, I survived, the kids are in doubt how I feel about sickness and husband was fine by the afternoon. Today, is the usual housework day, which I skipped and sewed a new heart keyring and then  networking my FB page.  Come Dine with Me is now starting so time for me to be off. Lots a love, Zoe

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