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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Fairy doors, teeth and Sewing

Its been a week! Most exciting is my little girl who lost her first tooth, she is 7 and a little behind the other children so there was much excitement, and a little tear from me.  The tooth she lost was the first one that came through, I remember it like yesterday, we all do it, constantly pulling the lip down and showing everyone babies first tooth, and now its come out.  The tooth fairy made a visit with fairy dust leading from the fairy door in our house all the way into her room, and a shiny £2 coin was left.  She had written a note asking the tooth fairy if she could keep her tooth, which I was rather pleased about. What on earth we will do with it I dont know.  

At last the weather is lovely! The winter seems so long sometimes.  I should be sowing seeds rather than fabric, but cant seem to get motivated, no doubt I will just chuck aload into the ground and see what happens.  A carrott is a carrott no matter what the shape :-)

I have also started having some of my items on a wonderful new website its fairly new and as a new venture myself, I want to support them fully.  Even tweeting Kirsty Allsopp about it.  Talking of tweeting, im addicted! I love it! my tag thingy is @thesewingcroft.  I have sold a few items, and am working on some union jack things, I know everyone will, but I am proud to be British and that is why I also want to make things. Not to be commercial, not even to make money, just to be part of the British made movement. 

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