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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Illness, marketing and sewing

Been ages since I blogged. Been actually feeling guilty, no idea why, not as if I have hundreds of followers :-)

Both kids been off one day or another with a nasty cold virus, mainly a high temp but its been hard going. Funny how you would happily give them a kidney but when it comes to being a personal slave, it all gets a bit much.  Today for instance, daughter home with a temp. son not at nursery, he had only been in once this week as it is.  Daughter is calling me into the living room just to look at her lip which is chapped, go back to kitchen, son calls me in to look at his thumb which is sore, back to kitchen, daughter calls me in, she is thirsty, son calls me in, he is hungry, and so it went on all day, inbetween me changing the sheets and making 2 headbands and a ballet bag.  Oh and 'networking' on facebook. 

I was very down in the dumps at the begining of the week, with little sales I was thinking that perhaps, altho I can def sew, and sew well, perhaps my style was just too 'old' or out of date.  I live so rurally and am very much a home body that knowing what goes on in the wider world becomes tricky. Weeks could go by before I even catch the news, let alone knowing what is going on in the world of fashion or furnishings.  I think leaving the city does that too.  Not much point in fashion when your knee high in mud and theres a tractor at every corner (damn them!).  I got myself out of the dumps by applying to go onto a new website - homemade in britain and they liked my things, made me feel much better.  I then sorted out the website, got my rear on Twitter and printed my leaflets, determined to thrust them at everyone who so much as glanced at me.  Then came the cold bug!!! So all I managed was a quick trip to the village shop, leaflet in hand, feeling like a total idiot. The post office lady (who is a little scary) pointed at a very small corkboard in a corner and I then had to put it up myself, trying not to cover anyone elses, whilst the p/o lady was glaring at me, I now understand what the expression 'eyes burning into your back' or whatever it is, means.  She pointed me in the direction of the village outside noticeboard, by the park she says, which happened to be a glass display cabinet type thing, I was convinced it would be locked.  Then I notice some woman watching me, I  prayed with all my might it would open, and thankfully - it did - phew!  I managed to escape my marketing campaign, without making a total idiot of myself and have barely left the house all week. Thankfully a couple of friends have dropped by. 

Decided I would offer a 10% discount on my website for all local peeps, after all, im hoping to get out to craft fairs and it raises my profile. Did anyone buy anything? Not saying!!!

Then theres Twitter, but thats another long story :-)

Zoe x

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