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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers Day

Its Mothers Day. Its lunchtime and im undressed and still in bed - with the laptop of course!  Husband wanted to go for a nice walk and picnic today, but do you know, all I want to do - is nothing! Have a slight champagne hangover - such a high roller (nah, just the only alcohol in the house last night!).

I have been tidying my blog, checking out other blogs, facebooking, tweeting and have applied to join pinterest, oh and have aded a few items to Folksy. Very productive really. 

Husband taken children out to get something for lunch, which he is going to 'cook', my eyebrows raise at this thought....Cook and my husband are not ever mentioned in the same sentence - EVER! and frankly, im happy with that.  His coffee making skills however, im not happy with :-)

I should be out planting seeds too, I am also a keen gardener, before my sewing obsession I was a cook and gardener.  I love to create with  my own homegrown, the Croft does give me a little allotment all to myself and presently it is looking awful! So, I need to stop sewing and start gardening. hhmmmm Tricky one!

My embroidered cushion - 'And then there were.....' has received lots of praise, which im very pleased about.  Right, I can hear screaming and shouting from my very excitable children so I must blog off!


  1. What a lovely blog, your very creative and love your work

    Rachel x

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments, Zoe