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Friday, 2 March 2012

Yay its Friday!

Like everyone, im soooo glad its Friday.  Been such a long week this week. Altho I have had some rather major triumphs, the first was - I cleaned my kitchen....not the floor, that would be more than a triumph, that would be a miracle.    The second was my makes.  I have made 2 ipad cases and 3 cosmetic bags, really getting quick now at everything.  No sales as such.  Determined not to let this daunt me, I have been watching other crafters items on Ebay for a while now and they often have to relist several times before things sell.  I have only listed one item on Etsy and nothing on Folksy, just testing the various waters at the moment to see what works and what dosent.   Husband text to say he would be late, not an unusual occurence, so sneakily put the kids to bed for some alone time. Yesterday was World Book Day. Daughter went to school as an Indian Princess, she made up a book about an Indian Princess cause she just wanted to do the dress up, bless her.  Darling son stuck a pencil in my printer this mornng so I have to get that out somehow, was hoping to make some flyers for local places once I have a stock of things.  Anyway, here are a couple of things I made...

Have a great weekend all, lots a love Zoe p.s doing a giveaway on my FB page - go visit! x

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