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Friday, 8 June 2012

Just a quickie ;-)

Hey everyone.

Am dying to do a proper blog post, so much is happening at the moment.  So for now, I just wanted to show you my latest 'product' line.  Im really pleased with it and its taken hours to put it together.

Western Union Telegram Personal Message Pillow Graduation, Birthday, Birth, CelebrationIts in my Etsy shop

I am taking lots of orders from America for my vintage postcards, such a pleasure to do and loving sending them to the US.  One of the reasons I decided to do the telegram, was becasue I am so pleased and delighted to be sending the pillows to the US.

I shall update about the jubilee later, dying to tell you about my Vicar of Dibley village...the old well to do lady on her quad bike, tweed skirt, alsation dog tied to her hand, barking NON stop.  Was a very hilarious scene, how many quads do you see doing 0 mile an hour? 

One last thing, this is a FAB treasury........

Im afraid I havent managed to figure out how people take a screen shot and put it onto a blog, if anyone reading this knows please leave a comment!

For now, thats me done



  1. Hi your pillows are so cool! Do you use Windows? If you do search for "snipping tool". Super easy and you can paste it to your posts. If you are featured or are the curator of a treasury (assiming that is what you are trying to post a pic of...) Go to, fill in the blanks (super easy), copy the code and past it in blogger as an html (as opposed to "compose") on your new post page... feel free to contact me if this doesn't make sense! Karen (SPS member)

    1. Oh, you already can post treasuries I see (went exploring after replying).. anyway snipping tool works great! haha

    2. Thank you so much Karen! HUGE thank you actually. Something else learnt. Very chuffed. Zoe