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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Cushions, Cushions and MORE cushions!!

I suppose the title says it all,  I seem to be making lots of these type of cushions, pink gingham, red gingham. Applique hearts, personalised applique names.  They have been fairly popular on my facebook page, which is rather good. I do enjoy making them, bit of a variety with applique and bonding on, zig zag stitch, patching together.

I really think I need to do craft shows, problem is im not that keen, I just want to sew things for people.  I know what I do is good, im confident about the quality just need to sell much much more. 

First week of the holidays has disappeared so quickly! I did have a rather disasterous shopping trip to an Asda store, son bounced around the WHOLE time we were in there, and then every child he came across, he roared like a 'Dinosaur Mummy!', needless to say it felt like most of the aged population of that small town, was in that shop! tutting and trying to avoid tripping over said son, and of course the other mummies had perfectly lovely children, soooo well behaved!!! What do they do to them??? I spend ages pondering that one, I really do!  Not to mention, that other children always look so well kept!! My son had Ben 10 wellies on, dirty jeans and his pj top and his hair was just sticking up everywhere!  my daughter was wearing bright pink socks with front open shoes and jeans flapping above her ankles, AND her hair had been brushed since yesterday either! Im just naff.  Im a busy woman! thats my excuse and im def sticking to it.

We went to a place called Badbury Rings yesterday for a good friday picnic.  It was soooo lovely there! The children played up and down hills, climbed trees and we had a lovely picnic and some great laughs! Much needed, as husband back to the dreaded extension, trying to finish it! Another veeery long story, but in a nut shell my superDIY superdad husband has built an extension above our single story kitchen, its been hell, and I will NEVER do self build again! My husband on the other hand is already planning the next phase....... We shall see Mr Croft!!

Have a wonderful Easter everyone, we shall be hiding mini eggs all over the house as usual x


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